Corven announces the launch of a new line of products: CORVEN PLUS

Corven has launched a new product line that incorporates new technologies and design that gives it a category of Premium shock absorber according to the international market demand.

“In Corven we strongly believe in investing heavily in our national industry, as we have been doing for over 40 years, now we are investing much more due to the growth achieved by opening new markets as well as for the support of national policies that promote such investment, “says Jorge Montes, Manager of Corven Warehouse in Buenos Aires.

The new Corven Plus line consolidates the growth of our brand betting on a continuous improvement in quality and performance, taking into account the shock is a key part for safety in a vehicle.

Corven Plus was presented to more than 600 customers in October 2011 when took place the official opening of Corven Motors Argentina SA, a factory that makes motorcycles, and subsequent presentation of the Strategic Industrial Plan Argentina 2020, with the presence of the Mrs. President Cristina Fernández Kirchner.

The manufacturing plant of shock absorbers started 42 years ago in Venado Tuerto, in the Santa Fe province as a purely family business, and remains today being a 100% national capital indutry with a significant worldwide presence exporting to more than 35 countries. Moreover, in 2007, the company opened Corven Do Brasil, a new commercial hub in the bordering country that rapidly reached 8% of the automotive aftermarket business.